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[image]Mr. Gutsack - Joseph D. Smith
Meet Mr. Gutsack...if you dare.
Keywords: Mr. Gutsack; Joseph D. Smith; demotivational poster
Downloads: 2
[image]Daylon Forever Poster - Joseph D. Smith
The very first poster of the underground rap artist, Daylon Forever!
Keywords: Daylon Forever; rap music; underground music; poster; GFX; Joseph D. Smith
Downloads: 1
[image]Above The Intolerance - Joseph D. Smith
I live Above The Intolerance of prohibition!
Keywords: Above The Intolerance; prohibition; drugs; recreational; medical; Above The Influence
Downloads: 18
[texts]Unmanifested Council - Joseph D. Smith
To truly seek the Divine in all, one must pursue both physical and spiritual knowledge.
Keywords: Unmanifested Council
Downloads: 11
[texts]Say Love Me - Joseph D. Smith
Love song written by lyricist Joseph D. Smith, which received praise from the late-great Dennis Adkins, writer of George Strait's "Ace In The Hole"!
Keywords: Say Love Me; Joseph D. Smith; love song; Dennis Adkins; praise; lyrics
Downloads: 9
[texts]Unmanifestism - Joseph D. Smith
"I do not impose my own ideas on things that do not have ideas of their own!", "Every second, an infinite amount of things happen!", and "I want to know God's thoughts, all the rest are just details." are the three fundamental ideas of Unmanifestism!
Keywords: Unmanifestism; ebook; philosophy; religion; way of life; public domain
Downloads: 13
[texts]Uncentralism - Joseph D. Smith
The way of life developed by Joseph D. Smith where one lives by the Thoughtless-form, a form without form, that is independent of any and all thought.
Keywords: Uncentralism; Thoughtless-form; religion; philosophy; way of life; thoughtform; Joseph D. Smith
Downloads: 10
[texts]Union of North Green St. - Joseph D. Smith
The official documentation of the Union of North Green St. Territory!
Keywords: Union of North Green St; territory; self-governance; anarchist
Downloads: 12
[texts]The Neo Party - Joseph D. Smith
The smallest, safest, and most effective form of government, that keeps everything simple! Become a member or candidate of The Neo Party!
Keywords: The Neo Party; political party; smallest government; simple politics
Downloads: 12
[texts]That's How, I Feel - Joseph D. Smith
Song registered with BMI by Joseph D. Smith. Talks about the love he feels in his heart, which came right from the heart!
Keywords: floaty; love; feelings; lyrics; songs; BMI
Downloads: 16
[texts]Veezmith: Unified Encoded Data Language - Joseph D. Smith
This unified encoded data language is meant to help encode messages easier and with a unified system, that is flexible and easy to use and learn!
Keywords: Veezmith; unified; encoded; data; language; code; messages
Downloads: 16
[texts]Hole of Mana - Joseph D. Smith
The most fun fishing card game, based on Mana from Magic: The Gathering, where the object of the game is to deplete your opponent of Mana, and be the player with the most cards, called Mana, in their hands at the end of the game!
Keywords: Hole of Mana; Joseph D. Smith; Magic: The Gathering; Mana; depletion; playing card game
Downloads: 223
[texts]Exmaterialism - Joseph D. Smith
Exmaterialism is the founding philosophy that states when you accept yourself in all your totality and when you foster your personality, you will have the most power over your own reality!
Keywords: Reality,philosophy,science,self-empowerment,personal development,Exmaterialism,Exmaterialist
Downloads: 22
[texts]Diabolitarianism - Joseph D. Smith
So, what if I told you that your spirit isn't really "inside" of you?
Keywords: Diabolitarianism; external spirit; one big spirit
Downloads: 16
[texts]Phrilyon: Security and Cleaning - Joseph D. Smith
Flush out the DNS to clean up your tracks, and to make it work faster! Just follow the instructions, and you will be fine. This is a Windows Batch File, which is easy as can be!
Keywords: Phrilyon; security; cleaning; software; Joseph D. Smith
Downloads: 12
[texts]June 31st Church - Joseph D. Smith
Nondenominational and universally syncretic religion.
Keywords: nondenominational; universally syncretic; introspection; personal divinity; June 31st Church
Downloads: 11
[texts]Orbithicism: The Celestial Religious Philosophy - Joseph D. Smith
Orbithicism is the celestial religious philosophy and way of life based on the impact of orbiting bodies in the cosmos.
Keywords: Orbithicism; celestial religion; orbit
Downloads: 18
[image]The Upper-Sigil Tattoo - Joseph D. Smith
West Main Street Tattoos owner, Zach Burcham tattooed this work on local author and photographer, Joseph D. Smith. Joseph volunteered his time to work at West Main Street Tattoos, in Glasgow, KY, USA for five years straight. Zach and Joseph are good buddies, and are almost like family! One day, Joseph decided that he wanted to know how it feels to get his first tattoo. Often-times those who are too nervous or not nervous enough end up fainting, so Joseph's goal for his session was to minimize hi...
Keywords: West Main Street Tattoos; custom ink; Glasgow-KY; Zach Burcham; Joseph D. Smith
Downloads: 5
[movies]The Legendary Graduate - Joseph D. Smith
"The Legendary Graduate" is the book of poetry written by the high-functioning autistic man years ahead of his time, Joseph D. Smith!
Keywords: poetry; book; author; autistic; high-functioning; The Legendary Graduate; Joseph D. Smith
Downloads: 229
[texts]Doctrine of Julliunite - Joseph D. Smith
The Julliunite have complex personal beliefs, where they choose Julliunite as their religion, where Julliunite is simply the religion for one's "personal beliefs".
Keywords: Julliunite
Downloads: 19
[texts]The Legendary Graduate - Joseph D. Smith
A collection of poetry by Glasgow, KY native and autistic author!
Keywords: graduation; Barren County Courthouse; school; award; poetry; Barren County Sheriff; autistic author
Downloads: 38
[texts]The Person Looking Through This Photo Book - Joseph D. Smith
Will you enjoy it when you see it?
Keywords: photography; photo book; portfolio; Joseph D. Smith
Downloads: 53
[texts]Evil Dungeons of Blood - Joseph D. Smith
A battle game of epic proportions, without the need for role-play! It uses what is known as Credits and Sacrificial Points(SP), where the winner is the one who still has credits!
Keywords: credits; sacrificial points; weapons; swords; shield; bombs; throwing-stars; battle game
Downloads: 51
[movies]Autistic Woman Laughs in her Sleep - Joseph D. Smith
This is my wonderful, loving sister laughing in her sleep, who is autistic! I love you Wendy! I am also autistic, but mine is high-functioning, and her's is low-functioning. Don't get me wrong, Wendy is very intelligent, it's just that she has a hard time communicating. Video by: Joseph D. Smith feat. Mary Smith(my awesome mom) & Wendy Smith(that cute little munster laughing in her sleep)
Keywords: laughing in sleep; Autism Spectrum; autistic woman
Downloads: 93
[texts]The Reader With This Lyrical Catalog - Joseph D. Smith
Nice, neat, and warm...are antonyms to this lyrical catalog!
Keywords: lyrics; catalog; ebook
Downloads: 57
[texts]The Earth's Magnetic Field = Unlimited Battery Power - Joseph D. Smith
Want to live in an advanced society, within only a few short years?
Keywords: Earth; magnetic field; unlimited battery power; innovative technology
Downloads: 99
[texts]Mother Earth = Unlimited Battery Power - Joseph D. Smith
The Earth's magnetic field, a power source?
Keywords: Mother Earth; Unlimited Battery Power; Perpetual energy; Joseph D. Smith
Downloads: 83
[texts]Endoneurospice - Joseph D. Smith
Promote your overall well-being with a blend of spice that works through alchemy! This is a real and true pleasure-enhancing blend, as it releases numerous neurotransmitters, such as Endorphins(the body's natural Morphine) and Endocannabinoids(the body's natural Marijuana)! Free recipe and instructions inside!
Keywords: Endoneurospice; neurotransmitters; endorphins; endocannabinoids; pleasure; well-being; health; alchemy; aromatherapy
Downloads: 129
[image]Vilifying Above The Influence - Joseph D. Smith
The uploaded images are intended to vilify Above The Influence, by posting their logo on the heads of some of the most vile killers in the world!
Keywords: Above The Influence; Osama Bin Laden; Saddam Hussein; Kim Jong-Il; Jared Loughner; George Zimmerman; drug war protest; Vilifying Above The Influence
Downloads: 1
[texts]Empathiciety - Joseph D. Smith
Emotions are the best gift from God, and they are the only things that exists!
Keywords: Empathiciety; philosophy; empathy; emotions; God
Downloads: 1
[image]World Unsanctioned Championship Belt Design - Joseph D. Smith
The World Unsanctioned Championship is the global championship that may only be won by stealing it from the current champion! This title belt must remain Unsanctioned, otherwise it would lose it's meaning!
Keywords: World Unsanctioned Championship; championship belt; title belt; unsanctioned title; Joseph D. Smith
Downloads: 4
[image]Credits-Based Printable Currency - Joseph D. Smith
Download this free printable currency, print it out, and exchange credits with other individuals who use the Credits-Based Printable Currency, C-BPC For short!Credits are used by having the individual you are selling to mark an 'X' on your own C-BPC, in the credit box for each credit used!When all credit boxes are full, you will have to download another and print it out again. You may sell your C-BPC once all the boxes are full, or you may exchange the used-up printable currency to purchase from...
Keywords: printable currency; credits-based; free download
Downloads: 5
[image]Download This Free Printable Currency - Joseph D. Smith
Download this free printable currency, which was inspired by crypto-currency such as Bitcoin! What makes this printable currency so valuable is that each person has their own handwriting, and they also have their own unique handwritten signature.This unique aspect of the currency keeps the demand up! Exchange this free printable currency with those who collect and accept it.
Keywords: printable currency; high demand; unique handwriting; free download
Downloads: 3
[texts]An Account of An Unjust and Continual Re-kill - Joseph D. Smith
A letter was written by an inmate of Guantanamo Bay, who documented a very unfair and continual re-kill, where they would execute him, but then bring him back to life.
Keywords: re-kill; human torture; Guantanamo Bay; illegal detaination
Downloads: 9
[texts]Virus Trapper - Joseph D. Smith
Viruses and other maleware love to hide in the deepest directories that is on your computer. They even like to compromise secure files. Well, this ingenious new way to keep viruses from infecting your whole computer is called the Virus Trapper, because the long directory will trap the virus inside of a tightly concealed ZIP folder! It is basically a folder filled with ZIP folders, and the process repeats until you have at least 7 different folders, as long as the first and last are ZIP files.WAR...
Keywords: Virus Trapper; frugal anti-virus; poor man's anti-virus
Downloads: 9
[movies]How To Conduct A Hooked-Finger Wrestling Match - Joseph D. Smith
Hooked-Finger Wrestling is the new sport in town! Learn how to conduct a match.Watch the first ever match;Doc Kong VS The Jules
Keywords: Hooked-Finger Wrestling; wrestling; match; combat sport; arm-wrestling; thumb-wrestling; martial arts
Downloads: 9
[texts]Phrilyon Ranking System - Joseph D. Smith
Want a cool fantasy militant or corporate ranking system for mercenary work? The Phrilyon Ranking System is designed for role-play or for story-telling, but may be used otherwise.
Keywords: military; militant; ranks; corporate; mercenary; rpg; story-telling
Downloads: 10
[texts]Unsanctioned League - Joseph D. Smith
Fight for freedom, tolerance, and understanding by joining the loosely associated group, Unsanctioned League; hold those in power accountable, and praise the people in power who have done the right things!
Keywords: Unsanctioned League; loose association; freely associate; social justice; individualism
Downloads: 14
[texts]The Anarchist Legion - Joseph D. Smith
An eBook detailing how to replace the United States government, by first reforming the three branches that run the government. This could finally create an Anarchist Society! Read it, you have nothing to lose; if you don't like it, discard it, no big deal. But I am positive that this will benefit the individual Anarchist!
Keywords: The Anarchist Legion; Joseph D. Smith; Anarchism; Anarchist Society; Federal Government; Branches of the U.S. government; government reform
Downloads: 16
[texts]Years Of Autistic Creativity - Joseph D. Smith
Joseph D. Smith is a creative genius, as he writes in all sorts of fields and various types of creative writing! Joseph is autistic and he uses his autism as a form of empowerment, that he uses through his writing. This is his collection of lyrics, short stories, and his theories. Learn more about the way an autistic person thinks by buying a copy of this book!Read more:
Keywords: Years of Autistic Creativity; Joseph D. Smith; autistic author; lyrics; short stories; articles; creative writing; fiction; ebook
Downloads: 6
[movies]Aspie Beats That Bag - Joseph D. Smith
My name is Joseph D. Smith, I have Asperger Syndrome, and this is my favorite toy! Watch me give it to this bag! WIN!
Keywords: Joseph D. Smith; Asperger Syndrome; punching bag; Martial Arts; ftw; win; showoff; bad-ass; Aspie; Good; Epic
Downloads: 47
[texts]Smith's Vowel Principle - Joseph D. Smith
Learn to read the English language with ease! This new, yet simple principle will shock the world!
Keywords: English; phonics; learning level; vowels; principle
Downloads: 22
[texts]Simphath - Joseph D. Smith
A highly-advanced, yet simple system of math, that is more accurate than today's standards!
Keywords: Simphath; math; science; odds; principles
Downloads: 44
[texts]Inebriant The Raisin Interview w/ Joseph D Smith - Joseph D. Smith
WARNING! This eBook may contain explicit material. Viewer discretion is advised.Inebriant the Raisin is the creation of Joseph D. Smith, where the guest is an actual, live, conscious raisin, who when licked will inebriate you. This is the fake interview between him and Joseph.
Keywords: Inebriate; raisin; Joseph D. Smith; interview; fake; character
Downloads: 42
[texts]Philosophy Of Sciensiism - Joseph D. Smith
Sciensiism asserts that only things that exist simultaneously can exist at all, such as polar opposites.
Keywords: Sciensiism; philosophy; polar opposites; simultaneous existence; science; reality
Downloads: 1
[texts]Apseudoism - Joseph D. Smith
Does your belief, creed, or religion have a name? If not, then you will want to know what to call it!
Keywords: Apseudoism; religion; philosophy; creed; belief; faith
Downloads: 7
[texts]Voissentialism: Does The Universe Have A Core? - Joseph D. Smith
Voissentialism raises an important question; does the Universe have an inner-core?
Keywords: Voissentialism; core of the universe; inner-core; universe; outerspace
Downloads: 4
[texts]Dice Rolling Grandmaster - Joseph D. Smith
When you play dice, use this guide to sky-rocket your chances of winning!
Keywords: dice rolling; grandmaster; guide; cheat-sheet; odds and chances
Downloads: 19
[texts]Introduction To Voidosophy - Joseph D. Smith
Learn why you should worship black holes as divine regions in space!
Keywords: Voidosophy; Voidosopher; black holes; void of space; Joseph D. Smith
Downloads: 5
[texts]Realm Surfing: The Hub Keeper - Joseph D. Smith
A little boy dreams of being a Hub Keeper, but is it what he truly wants?
Keywords: Realm Surfing; RPG; ebook; forum; entertainment
Downloads: 50
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